Friday, August 18, 2006

Was it only a dream?

Finally enjoying a cup of coffee and some quiet wake up time.

“Frank, Frank…..FRANK!”
“Yes, Troy, what is it?”
I sat down to write this blog, and now have no recollection of what the original idea was.
“Do me a favor please? Make sure you know how to spell ‘Giclee’ the right way. Last night when you emailed Mollie I think you spelled it wrong.” Even though I asked him how to spell it before I sent the email.
“OK, sure…got it. Anything else?”
“No, that’s all. Hey, if I don’t get these things off my mind I won’t be able to fall back asleep.”
God knows we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Five minutes later …
“Frank, Frank, FRANK!”
I open the bedroom door (again).
“Yes, dear, what is it this time?”
“Two things…tonight when we go to the party, so that what’s her name doesn’t get suspicious about why we aren’t pursuing ideas with her as much as we used to, I need you to come up with a distraction. So tell her that she needs to get busy …”
He launches in to this elaborate plan. Thing #2 is something about my needing to remind the real estate guy with studio space that he is going to miss the opportunity to have an “emerging artist already making a local splash” as a tenant, if he doesn’t return a phone call. “We WILL go elsewhere!”

More later … Master has risen.

Later … I’m starting to wonder where the line should be drawn between cute and psycho. What kind of a person gets up in what appears to be a good mood, cracks a few jokes … makes conversation, and within 10 minutes growls, “I’m BORED! I’m going back to bad. This sucks!”

I woke up excited about the weekend. There’s an art opening/party tonight, an opportunity to meet new people, people who buy art. Tomorrow we are going to Austin to shop for new clothes, visit friends, see a movie, have dinner …spend the night.

He woke up thinking about my misspelling of the word “Giclee”, lies that I need to tell people, and the necessary, aggressive response towards the real estate agent. He then reminds me about Andy Warhol’s entourage of obedient worshippers who successfully transformed ideas of insanity in to stardom, fame and fortune.
“Committed! They stayed committed! That’s why Andy Warhol became famous! This is boring. I am going back to bed!!”

I always say, whatever I did in my past life was so bad I am totally paying for it right now. I must have killed kids or something.

I bet when he wakes up he thinks this was all a dream.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A light at the end of the tunnel??

Morning ... Deep breathe, exhale ... new day. Things are back on track, I think. How they got off track in the first place I can not say. Last night seems like ages ago. Didn’t really sleep at all. I dreamed that I killed Robin Williams. Somebody had to do it. What’s on the list for today?
Call the bank, see psychiatrist at 1:00, and maybe go with Moca to see the site of the next event. What have we gotten into with this event planning? One day we show work at this woman’s event, the next we are on the board of directors. Something good will come of it. I’m sure of that. It’s just a lot of work, not really. I just have to make sure we are spot lighted in the event. Then it is all worth it. Troy is feeling a little anguish over the whole thing, as the new “Art Director” of W:ish+co should be. If nothing else, it looks good on a bio. Uh-oh. “You know who” just got up ...

20 minutes later……so much for everything being back on track! If Moca only knew the trouble she caused. She doesn’t know us well enough to know better. What nerve! Canceling the visit to the event site last night because of her 60 hour a week job demanding her to stay late, and THEN keeping her word to stay committed and reschedule today….she’ll learn to not mess with us! I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut when “you know who” gets pissed. (EDIT)* It’s funny, the way things unfold: it’s the start of a new day, I mention an email about going to the event site, we argue, we curse. Then I hear, “You know, I think the visit to the psychiatrist is the perfect break I need from you!” Oh well. He went back to bed.

And 10 minutes after that……Yet another temporary lapse of “insanity”: I guess I’m not going alone. Why am I the only one on medication? (Edit)*

And 20 minutes after that……Looks like I am going alone.

Afternoon…….Interesting visit with the psychiatrist. She assured me that I could stay medicated for the rest of my life if need be. Thank God.

Night………What a place, the Wurzbach Estate []. Mollie will be pleased. We might actually be able to pull this off. 35 vendors, 150 women shoppers. Troy’s art showcased as the featured artist, a small gallery with other artists. Moca is a great help. I like her energy. I know I am going to have pull Troy along kicking and screaming all the way, up until the day of the event. He hates being taken from his image work, always so focused. I do have a lot of faith in this new series he is painting. That’s the job of the happy little assistant: encouragement. (Edit)*

* Edited by Troy, Dragon Boy.

Dragon Boy

Morning ... Ready to work! Troy’s working on yet another series for a few upcoming exhibits. It gets to the point where I can’t keep up. “Get organized, get your head out of the sand, FOCUS….make me some money, and get me some coffee!” Yes, Dragon Boy, whatever you say. It’s not easy. I need help….an assistant for the assistant, like Warhol!. And I could be in charge of people! Yeah, that’s it, a team of drug addicts and silk screening drag queens, worshipping the ground he walks on.

Reminder to self: I love my job, I love my job.

The meetings with Moca were productive. We definitely have a clearer picture of what lies ahead. After seeing the estate, I am positive that Troy’s new series is fantastic! He is definitely on to something and has hit a bull’s eye with this audience ... need to schedule out the printing and silk-screening, so the work doesn’t become overwhelming. Seeing I’m the entire staff, I need a plan. Keep my eye on the prize. Not hard to do. Just have to make sure he is center stage at the event. (Edit)*

More later ...

* Edited by Troy, Dragon Boy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Morning ….I’m barely awake. Why did I have such a hard time waking up? Maybe it was all that wine last night.

Today’s assignment scribbled on a post-it note, stuck to my key board. My vision is blurry; I can’t really tell what it says. It looks like it’s written in another language, must have been scribbled in the wee hours of the morning. Gee, that doesn’t sound familiar. Something about divide and conquer with a little happy face and exclamation point. Divide and Conquer? Somebody’s going down! It’s too early for me to figure this out. Did I do anything wrong last night? I was a little drunk when I went to bed. At about 6am he was trying to tell me about some idea. I bet this has something to do with it. But what the hell does it say?
I have to get a schedule planned, for my stuff and for his. We have so much coming up in the next few months. I wish I cleaned the kitchen last night.

Afternoon…”Divide and Conquer”, not what I thought, thank God! Nobody is going down. I finally figured out what it says. “For Lynda”, not “for Yoda,” the note is a direction for me to email Lynda. Divide and Conquer. He must want me to pitch the idea of breaking the business up into parts. I can’t say I don’t hate that idea. Last month was a disaster. Not the show, just the feeling I had. This was an event catering to high rollers, women with money. Then we walk in an hour late with Tuesday from the Adams family. It was a fashion statement, but possibly misunderstood by the clientele. Personally, I love a black slip with clunky shoes and a grey sweater. If Divide and Conquer means what I think it means, though, we’ll each be addressing different market segments.

“Make us some money, honey!!” he says with a snap of the fingers. It’s the air that I breathe. I have to plan out his schedule for the next month. We have a lot coming up. And honey gots to make some money. Dividing up the business plan with Lynda could actually generate more income for us, keeping her involved.

Night….Things are going well, as the day comes to a close. I have to make those calls to the artists that want to show with us in November. I’ll just do it tomorrow. I’m not in the mood to explain our vision six different times. Troy ended up writing the email to Lynda, something I was dead set against when he offered. His emails are usually cruel to the point of causing drama. That’s all I need right now. (EDIT)*
She liked Troy’s idea well enough, I think. Her email seemed to suggest that she didn’t get the most direct part, that we aren’t covering the costs of the project on her end, but that’s Lynda. She reads and sees what she wants. Troy thinks all anybody ever wants is to sink thier teeth in to our profits. “Well, not this time!” I will just keep steering her back towards his plan. And with an effort on her part, I will gladly pay 15%. Moca will get more, but she is well worth it. That reminds me… have to get her and Troy paired up for a few fashion designs. He thinks his work will look great on her purse line.

* edited by Troy
8:00 am. Up at my usual time. Cleaned my kitchen (for a change) last night before going to bed. I set the timer on the coffee pot. Alone time with a nice fresh wheat bagel all ready to toast. "Alone time”….1 out of 23 hours a set aside for myself.

Well so long Alone Time!

The bedroom door opens and out comes troy, all charged up and wide eyed with a new idea for a series of paintings with “dollar signs and black and white dots and pink roses silk screened like this image on the TV” Guess I should be used to this charged up speed like behavior first thing in the morning. It’s like he never went to sleep. What was it? About 4 in the morning last time? I think my response was gentle, a reminder that he is not normally up at this time of the morning, that this is the "alone time" we talked about. “No, no, come here”, he says.

In the room looking at this image on the TV and listening to this new fabulous idea about punk rock and the silk screens and dollar signs and black and white images and the roses, trying to pay close attention he expects a well deserved enthusiastic response. Because it really is a good idea. And I am paying attention. And I give a good response. He's inspired.

After about 20 minutes of listening to the assignment list for the new idea handed to me, I watch him decide to go back to bed for a while, for about another hour he said. I let him sleep four more, until after 12. We need him to sleep once in a while! So when he gets up later than he wanted, he says something about a certain somebody obviously not wanting him around since he was left to sleep for such a long time. I have either made the shit list for the rest of the day or he is well rested and just kidding. And I know I have probably made the shit list. So I start getting nervous.

Anyway, one thing leads to another and we end up in a huge argument about how I miscommunicated the schedule for the day and I better find a place to have a martini by Thursday or we aren't leaving the house until then. At least that’s what I got out of it. It’s a long story. Too long to explain. But I figure since today is only Monday, I better fix whatever mistake I made. So I do. We ended up having a great lunch with Moca at the 410 Diner. It was a nice visit with her, as always.